Brownstone Entertainment Complex, LLC

       An Organisation, formed in 1989, by its' President; Lee O. Bass lll.

Designed to facilitate Promotions & Bookings; Mickey as an 'Independent Producer', arranges  'bookings', engages Artists, acts as Press liason' and writes; Press Releases, for the Venue or Organisation. He performs the task of; 'Creative Consultancy'.
      His track record; both as a Musician, and Producer speaks for itself; he draws upon this experience, and on his reputation to get the job done
and to get it done right!
      Equally importantly, to Musicians? Mickey is a trusted, and reliable source.....
      To quote one very well established Producer, and former Jazz Musician;
"Mickey Bass is the only Jazz Musician I have ever met that you know you can rely upon to get the job done;
If Mickey says it's going to get done? It gets done! "

      Although this Company was originally formed to both Promote and Publicize Artists who were being recorded on The Record Label: "Early Bird"; what has since transpired is a well evolved Production Company, specialising in 'Creative Consultancy' to Jazz Venues & Organizations.....
     What has followed..... is a track record of excellence.....

     The 'raison d'etre' for this Company is that Being able to 'book' 'Quality' material is what matters here, because;
Quality Returns Quality.

Our work includes;

"The Jazz Legacy Series", at "Creole" Music Supper Club, N.Y.C. through April 18th 2009

"Jammin' on The Hudson", Concert Series, Riverbank State Park, N.Y.C. since 2005

"Be-bop Heritage Series, Then...and Now..", 'Minton's Playhouse', Harlem, N.Y.C. 2006

"Jazz Heritage Series", 'The Lenox Lounge', Harlem, N.Y.C. 1997 to 2000

'The Five Spot' N.Y.C. 1994 to 1995

'Cafe Burgandy', N.Y.C. 1985 to 1987

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