In association with The Uptown Jazz Lounge @ 'Minton's Playhouse'; is proud to present Our:
  "Be-bop' Heritage Series..Then...and Now"  
         'Minton's Playhouse'; The World Famous, Historic Landmark Jazz Club; the stomping ground of;
    Thelonious Monk, Bud Powell, Elmo Hope, Dizzy Gillespie and Mary Lou Williams
    the 'Birthplace of 'Be-bop', the spawning ground that 'ushered in' a whole new Era.....'Minton's';
  the 'Crown Jewel' of Harlem.

  Our aim at "Brownstone Entertainment" is to raise the level of music being presented at 'Minton's' to the standards that it once stood for!  Hence the title of our series: 
"Be-bop Heritage Series..Then...and Now".
       By Mr. Ben Ratliff's account, on October 16th 2006, in "The New York Times" ? We are suceeding !               
Read Full Article here

    We were first engaged by 'Minton's' in August of last year - they had re-opened in May, and were in need of help. They were completely at a loss, for knowing which path to take - "I prayed to God to send me an answer!...and then Mickey turned up!"  One could not find a better person than Mickey to do this.....
  We 'brain-stormed' on how to make it work - how to persuade fabulous Musicians to work for us in our Series, for a very  worthwhile 'cause' - how to obtain a Piano? Which miraculously was donated through "The Jazz Foundation of America"....
  Mickeys' goal? To offer the support, and all that entails, to really put 'Minton's' 'back on the map'!
And? He did it! In a very, short time.....


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