What could be more inviting....

Than listening to the sounds of Great Jazz Artists..

'cast' out over The Hudson River...at Sunset...for Free!.    

"Jammin' on The Hudson" 2010: Artist Links

Sunday July 18th 2010:  "The Smokers Union" Featuring Drummer Mark Johnson

Sunday August 15th 2010: Percussionist Personified; Mr. Louis Hayes

Unfortunately - due to State Budget cutbacks, we are working with a scaled-back schedule this Year - of Presenting two Concerts this Summer
which are those on July 18th and August 15th -

Hopefully  - next Year we'll be offering our full Season, once again,
in the meantime - we hope to see you all there!

Jammin' the Concert Series for the 'Serious' Jazz Lover!

Jammin' Concerts begin at 5.00pm, run to 7.00pm and are FREE!
Jammin' Concerts happen on "The Mainstage", when it's sunny,
and if it rains, we move indoors to an auditorium
Riverbank State Park is between Riverside Drive and the Hudson River, in N.Y.C.
The entrance to the Park is at 145th Street and Riverside Drive.

If you would like to see a map for Riverbank State Park "Jammin' on The Hudson"

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