Mickey pg-2.jpg Mickey Bass; Innovative Educator

 Teacher; 'Bass'          "Jazz-Mobile, Inc."         1965 to present


      An Organisation founded by Dr. Billy Taylor in 1965, who's 'Mission' was;
to bring free Concerts to the Neighborhoods' and Communities' of New York City, which they did! An Educational Program ensued...
      As "Curriculum Co-ordinator"; Mickey has 'shaped' and supervised the Program; to consistently elevate the level of Education, and awareness made available to The General Public, through "Jazz-Mobile, Inc.".
     Currently; Mickeys' Accredited College Curriculum;
"The Diminished Whole Tone Concept" (c) 2006, is  being used as a 'model' for other Teachers to follow.....This Original Jazz Improvisatorial Method will soon be available to you here.
Published by "L.O.B.III Music" and for order through; "
Rainbow Jazz".
      In recognition of the importance of 'Cultural Enrichment Programs' in Our Public Schools; Mickey taught at two Elementary Schools in East Harlem, one of which was for 'intellectually gifted children'. As a result of observation, of Mickeys' teaching; a Book was written, edited by Dr. Billy Taylor, and published through "Jazz-Mobile,Inc.": "An Arts Enrichment Educational Program; a teaching 'primer' for Elementary Education"; this book is an intended  'guideline', for teachers who impart the rudiments of Music to children at Elementary School level.

Adjunct Faculty Professor;          "Hartt College of Music"             1982 to 1985
     Engaged by Jackie McLean, Chairman, to offer something vital, to students, in addition to their Curriculum; from a working Musician, put in terms made tangible for them. Mickey received 'Accreditation' here, for his keyboard Harmony Method; "The Diminished Whole Tone Concept".
     In addition to this Mickey also taught Jazz Arranging & Transcription.

Teacher: 'Bass';        "The Ellington School of The Arts", Wash. D.C.       1975 to 1978
     Although initially invited to teach 'Bass', a Jazz Ensemble evolved, and Writing Arrangements for them.
     Born of necessity; to impart to his students the real 'meat' and 'essence' of this Music; Mickey began to formulate what became his own Original Jazz Improvisatorial Method; "The Diminished Whole Tone Concept", which then became an 'accredited' 2 year College course.....
     Mickey was re-engaged to; Conduct, Orchestrate, and Arrange; Music for a Play, based on Langston Hughes life in Harlem in the 'thirties.
     In addition to Arranging the score for the Play, Mickey also Arranged a fifteen minute Dance sequence, to Duke Ellingtons' Music - called; "A Night At Ellington", the show was televised on W.E.T.A. and the Music for the whole Production was awarded an "Emmy" in 1979.
     Mickey also Wrote, Arranged and Conducted an 'all Ellington' program, for "The Jazz Ensemble" who performed as part of the Inaugural Festivities for President Jimmy Carter, at "The Whitehouse"

Professional Development & Accomplishments:

     Awarded: A 'National Endowment for the Arts' Composers' Grant, in 1980; with this Mickey wrote; "A String Quartet with Jazz Rhythm section & 'miscellaneous' Percussion."
     Wrote & Arranged:
Four Octet Arrangements for Chico Hamilton, and many Original Compositions & Arrangements ( which will soon be available here, through "Rainbow Jazz").
     Broadcast: "Adventures in Jazz", on WBAI, N.Y.C. interviewing: Mary Lou Williams, Randy Weston, and Leonard Feather...amongst others..Interviewing Mr. Feather was a particularly interesting 'turnaround', because here was a Jazz Musician (Mickey) interviewing an established Music Critic, who at that time was writing for "The Los Angeles Times". This Interview is 'archived' on "Pacifica" Radio.
     Presented: the T.V.Series, "New York Art Exclusive", for Manhattan Cable T.V.
     Volunteered: for "The Jazz Foundation of America's" Annual Fundraiser; "A Great Night in Harlem" at the World Famous "Apollo Theatre", Harlem.
     Mickey worked at this Event for three consecutive years as an Assistant Stage Manager.
     Also, he Stage Managed a Benefit for Woody Shaw.

  A Synopsis of Mickeys' Musical Career can be found in;
           "The Encyclopedia of Jazz for the '70's" and also in the '90's.

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