"The Diminished Whole Tone Concept" (c) 2006

T.D.W.T.C.1.jpg A part of the Methodology employed by those 'Giants', who launched
             the 'Be-bop' Era.....
Born of necessity; to impart the real 'meat' and essence of this Music.
Structure by which, to really 'open up' ones' playing.
By Doing; It is a Method which 'reveals' itself through doing.....
                   as indeed it was conceived.....by doing.
Vital Links; to the Real Essence & Culture; the language of 'Be-bop'.

   The Original Improvisatory Method of Mickey Bass;
    "A 'World-Class' Bass Player";
     A 'Maverick' Protagonist for the language of 'Be-bop'.

    Mickey Bass; "Everything in Music, Harmonically, and therefore in Jazz Improvisation exists in divisions of twelve.....The Rhythm? is the 'Time'.....the spaces where everything occurs.....The formula is of course, one thing....
knowing how, when, and where to use it ?
     Is, of course,
quite another......
An Endorsement:

     "In the true Tradition of the Jazz vernacular, that has been passed down through the generations; this Curriculum offers an opportunity for a Composer to shape his Music, in a very personal style."
                                                Dr. Billy Taylor.

     Mickey Bass: "I truly and sincerely know that students will benefit from this; My Concept, and have seen as much in many of my former students, who include; Wallace Roney, Eric Allen, Antoine Roney, Winard & Phillip Harper."

     "One of the most 'simplistic' forms of this Music, which we call "Jazz", is "The Blues"; which many consider to be the 'back-bone' of Jazz.....
     The Blues is, basically; a I7, IV7, V7 chord progression.
     A good example of this progression would be the chord progressions to John Coltrane's composition; "Equinox". Within this composition are prime examples of how a variation can be 'worked'. He 'substitutes' chords; instead of the normal II-7(b5), or "D-Minor"7(b5) chord, he chooses, in this instance to 'substitute' with an "Ab"7, rather than a "D-Minor"7(b5).
     He makes this choice by means of the tri-tone substitution, that we spoke about briefly, here, in a previous paragraph. Now these truths come to light....."

  "The total concept, of my Jazz Improvisatorial Method, called; "The Diminished Whole Tone Concept", is designed to enhance the development of students' ability; through practical, tangible 'means', by which they can truly expand their awareness...and their ability to 'conceptualize', into developing their own, unique, individual voice."

   "In Jazz? It is the Harmony that determines the Melody.....not vice versa.."

   "All of the Harmony that we use in Music is derived from the Major scale; that the natural Minor occurs on the 'sixth' degree of the Major scale, is a useful insight, in as much as it enables the student to develop a greater insight, and appreciation, of the relationship between the two modes; Major and Minor."

   "An essential factor in Improvisation, is to know the chord 'changes' The chord progressions, or 'changes' as they are commonly called are the 'road-map', alluding to the construction of the composition."

   "Any time one sees a Dominant 'seventh' chord? One 'selects'....that is the point of this Method."

    "This course of study, unlike any other, deals with the major principals of the Jazz vernacular; through the use of practical examples, to exemplify the given principals.
     This Method came about; was formulated by Mickey Bass, as a result of an idea that occurred to him, and Musically became a revelation to him; just as Mary Lou Williams revealed her 'inner-workings' of 'Be-bop' to Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker and Bud Powell."

     Mickey Bass has taught his Original Improvisatorial Method at;
     "The Ellington School of The Arts", and at
     "Hartt College of Music", University of Hartford;
where he was invited to teach this, his Original Method by;
      The Chairman of The Jazz Department; Jackie McLean. Whilst he was at "Hartt College";
Mickeys' Method became 'Accredited', as a 2 year College Curriculum.
      Mickeys' Curriculum has recently been adopted as the 'model' for other Teachers to follow at "Jazz-Mobile, Inc." in New York City.

      Excerpts of that Curriculum; copywrited in 2006, are shown here.

     "The 'formula' is, of course, one thing.....Knowing how, when, and where to use it?
               is of course, quite another.....!"

   Mickey Bass is available, for Workshops and Seminars, and this Curriculum;
                   "The Diminished Whole Tone Concept" (c) 2006 is available here!

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